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Wireless Electric Juicer Cup

Wireless Electric Juicer Cup

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Create the perfect beverage in minutes with the Wireless Electric Juicer Cup. This portable, USB-compatible juicer is designed to make blending your favorite fruits and veggies simple and effortless. With its multifunction juice making settings, you'll choose between milkshake, smoothie or extracted juices without sacrificing any of the nutrition or flavor. Ideal for those who are on-the-go, the Wireless Electric Juicer Cup fits easily into a handbag, briefcase or backpack so you can take it with you no matter where you're headed. Choose from several power settings depending on what type of healthy cravings you're having and say goodbye to overpriced store bought juices - now with this powerful machine, create your own nutritious drinks anytime!



Product Name: Portable Electric Juicer Cup
Product Capacity: 350ml
Color: Pink, White
Product Weight: 490g
Product Model:214
Product Size: 82mm* 82mm' 218mm
Input: DC5V-1A
Battery Voltage: 7.4V-1400mAh
Rated Power: 50W
Motor Speed: 20000/min
Food Grade Blade: 304sus
Juicing Times: About 15 cups

Packing List:
1*Electric Juicer

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